About Me

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Find me on Twitter @cakehurstryan and Racket @cakehurstryan

Throughout my 15+ year career I’ve had a variety of roles as a Test Engineer, Test Lead, Project Manager and Agile coach. As a result I have a well rounded approach to leadership in an Agile environment, both as part of test and the wider team including stakeholder management and the provision of team KPI.

In addition to being a servant leader and facilitating team discussions, I don’t shy away from decision making and will always work with people to find the best outcomes possible.


  • Accessibility and human factors testing; from design to implementation.
  • Implementing and executing full stack agile testing approaches.
  • Providing quality narratives to help shape product decisions.
  • Building cross disciplined agile teams.

Experience with various industry sectors including: Fintech, Finance, Banking, Broadcast, Retail and Public Safety.

Currently investigating Security scanning using OWASP ZAP.


My CV:

Callum Akehurst-Ryan CV (pdf download)

Kick ass Dungeon Mastering

I’ve been a DM for the last 15 years, running D&D campaigns across multiple editions (most recently 5th edition). By engaging players as characters and weaving narrative through descriptions and storytelling, I ensure my players have full autonomy in the worlds I create.

I’m currently running a Saltmarsh campaign because who doesn’t love the seaside?!

How the game looks from behind the DM screen.